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The 7 Up and Down Card Game is a poker game played by millions. This is his one of the most entertaining forms of poker. If you invest regardless of whether you think the card is high or low, you have the potential to win twice his bet. As you keep earning points, your name could be added to the leaderboard. Team Capermint Technologies is developing the 7 Up Down real money game. Leaderboards and charts showing who has the highest score. High scores can easily be broadcast worldwide. It’s very easy to learn and play and costs nothing to purchase. Moreover, it has beautiful graphics and smooth gaming experience.

The objective of 7 Up 7 Down is to guess the sum of the numbers on a pair of regular dice. After rolling the dice in the jar, just add the two numbers you get. There are three betting options: 7 Down, Lucky 7 and 7 Up. All the important information about these bets can be found later in the guide. Teen Patti Master App | Download Bonus ₹40 |Teen Patti Master Mod Apk

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What is 7 up 7 down?

You can roll in 7up and 7 down dice games, an online game, and then pick your lucky number range between 7 and 7. To win, the dice must land on a number between zero and the chosen number.

  • The user can also select the precise number 7 as their lucky number; if the dice total is 7, the user receives a jackpot.
  • The player throws two dice and places bets on either the number below seven (7 Down) or the number seven itself (Lucky 7), or any number higher than seven (Ace High) (7 Up). On numbers between 0 and 6, players win 2 times their bet, and on Lucky 7, they win 3 times their bet.

At the outset, 500 coins are available for wagering on any of the following options:

1. Lower than a seven – 7’s down

2. Number 7: It’s a Lucky Number

3. Numbers greater than seven – 7 Up.

If you’re willing to risk 50 coins, you can double your money by betting on “7 Down,” which pays off if the total of the dice rolls is less than 7. That’s a net gain of 50 coins for you! In this case, you will lose 50 coins if the sum exceeds 7.

The same holds for 7 Up, where success is determined by rolling a sum of numbers greater than 7.

You need the total of your dice rolls to be exactly seven for Lucky 7. You’ll get three times as many coins as you wagered if you win.

How to play 7 up 7 down?

Setting the bet, placing the bet, and rolling the dice are your only actions in 7 up down cash game. Online gambling is a simple way to make money.

  • At the outset, pick the total bet amount you’re comfortable with from the available points.
  • You must select one of the three options: 7Up, 7Down, or Exact 7. After a player is picked, the dice will begin to roll. Look at the sum of the dice. If the total falls within the parameters of your chosen option, you get to keep the money.
  • These 7 up 7 down card game rules are the only ones that matter.

A table of payouts and winning rolls

It’s helpful to know which combinations of numbers produce a winning 7 up down game. As such, we have provided an easy-to-read graphic with both the official 7 Up 7 Down payouts and the relevant odds:

Lucky 74:1 (sometimes 3:1)
7 Up1:1
7 Down1:1

Keep in mind that the 7up 7down game  has very favurable odds for the house. With a reduced payoff of 3:1 on winning Lucky 7 bets, the house edge rises to 33.33% from the calculated 16.67%. To sum up, six out of a possible 36 rolls can result in a win. Here are the successful rolls:

  1. 1 & 6
  2. 2 & 5
  3. 3 & 4
  4. 4 & 3
  5. 5 & 2
  6. 6 & 1

7 up 7 down strategies

Due to the randomness of the 7 up 7 down craps game, the Martingale system is the most effective betting method. Each time you lose a bet, your stake increases by 1 unit. So if you bet 100 INR and want to lose, you should increase your bet to 200 INR next time. Note that if you lose 6 bets in a row on the 7 Up 7 Down cash game, you will need INR 3,200. Use the 7 Up Down trick to win the highest bet.

The goal is to make a break-even point, or profit, based on your original investment by winning more than you lose. Although this method has a high success rate, good results are not always guaranteed. Also, it takes a lot of money to survive a losing streak. Therefore, we recommend sticking to a wagering limit that is comfortable for you and quitting the game when you have the upper hand.

Of particular note is the payout for the online 7 up 7 down dice game. A 7 Up 7 Down game that only pays 3 should be avoided.

1 as possible. Bet above or below 7 only if odds of winning are 4 to 1 for him. For 3:
With 1 payout, the house edge is 33.33%, significantly higher than 16.67% with no payout. 

Is 7 up 7 down legal in India?

However, one or two states in India still prohibit the game despite its widespread legality. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 has not been modernised in Some states, including Assam and Orissa. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are similar in that they both forbid all forms of online gambling.

Check the restrictions in your area before getting started in seven up seven down card game, as they may vary significantly from state to state. The legal climate is gradually becoming more permissive, and games like 7 Up 7 Down will become increasingly.

How to play 7 up and 7 down on mobile?

Those who enjoy gaming while on the move will enjoy playing 7 up 7 down card game on their mobile device. These days, you may play at the best online casinos by downloading a slick app from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Remember that some gambling apps can be downloaded right from the casino website.

Bring plenty of mobile data if you plan on playing the game away from home or a Wi-Fi hotspot. Be sure you have enough data to stream the game without incurring huge fees. Playing on Wi-Fi is always the best bet to avoid potential security issues.

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